Chained To The Rhythm 

Chained To The Rhythm by Katy Perry featuring Skip Marley Lyrics

Have you heard the most awaited comeback single of American Singer Songwriter, Katy Perry? After her last single for her album in 2013,and her latest sinle made for the Olympics Game 2016, she released “Chained To The Rhythm” on February 10, 2017! She updated her social media accounts with the single’s icon and uploaded a 13 secs teaser as well that hit the trending list all over the internet. Other than that, Katy Perry is not one of the greatest pop singer for nothing. Popular with her extra ordinary music video, performances and everything, her new single promotion was also spectacular! 

Her team spreads out disco balls around the world containing the full length song. Fans who managed to spot a disco ball can put their earphones on and listen to the song even before the worldwide release. Who wouldn’t love a Pokémon-Go-like adventure to hunt a Katy Perry Disco ball right? 

So after hearing the song as well as diving deeper into the music lyric video, a lot of thoughts around the issue will open up many eyes. It was a whole lot different genre for Katy Perry herself who became popular with her fun pop music. After endorsing Hillary Clinton the last election, she bacame a conscious citizen and also an activist. Recently after the election, she changed her Twitter bio to 

“Artist. Activist. Conscious.” 

No wonder that her musical lyrics are more meaningful and purposeful than ever.

Most wouldn’t believe we’re living in an era where @katyperry’s disco pop jams double as critically relevant political discourse.

Don’t live in the bubble anymore. Dive deeper to this song by watching the lyric video. 😉❤ 



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