Creative Journaling Hobby

“Journaling is like whispering to one’s self and listening at the same time.”

I am fond of journaling. Most people would say that a person who journalize their lives have a suicidal tendency and it’s their way of expressing their problems. But really? As for myself I don’t have any idea of ending my own life. Never would I have. It’s just really satisfying for me to consume the pages of my journal and remember my memories even the smallest things that happened to me each day of my life.

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.

Since grade 9, I started to journalize in a beginner way. My sister had an extra planner for 2015 so she gave it to me. A planner should contain plans but as for a junior high student back then, I don’t have any plans beyond school stuffs everyday. So what I did write in there are school works to do as expectations and after the day, I wrote the things that really happened. It’s actually just a mini planner so the length of my notes in there are similar to tweets. At the middle of 2015, I’ve seen more ideas on Pinterest about journaling. Right then, I discover the creative way of journaling which I like the most. August that same year, I bought a moleskine type of journal notebook without lines with a peach brown color. Since then, I started to try it and it’s fun for me.

I really love art and writing my thoughts of the day and random things that happened to me. Year 2016, I was more inspired when I’ve seen the works of Abbey Sy. An artist and author. Her calligraphy and journal works are fantastic!! I found out more artistic ways to do do on journals! Watercolors, washi tapes, colorful pens, pictures, and stickers!! So before 2016 ends, I tried adding all that with some quotes that I liked from stories I’ve read.

For 2017, here’s a peek of my new journal and stuffs that I’m using.

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Check this link if  you want to see my 2016 journal flip through.




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