Chained To The Rhythm 

Chained To The Rhythm by Katy Perry featuring Skip Marley Lyrics

Have you heard the most awaited comeback single of American Singer Songwriter, Katy Perry? After her last single for her album in 2013,and her latest sinle made for the Olympics Game 2016, she released “Chained To The Rhythm” on February 10, 2017! She updated her social media accounts with the single’s icon and uploaded a 13 secs teaser as well that hit the trending list all over the internet. Other than that, Katy Perry is not one of the greatest pop singer for nothing. Popular with her extra ordinary music video, performances and everything, her new single promotion was also spectacular! 

Her team spreads out disco balls around the world containing the full length song. Fans who managed to spot a disco ball can put their earphones on and listen to the song even before the worldwide release. Who wouldn’t love a Pokémon-Go-like adventure to hunt a Katy Perry Disco ball right? 

So after hearing the song as well as diving deeper into the music lyric video, a lot of thoughts around the issue will open up many eyes. It was a whole lot different genre for Katy Perry herself who became popular with her fun pop music. After endorsing Hillary Clinton the last election, she bacame a conscious citizen and also an activist. Recently after the election, she changed her Twitter bio to 

“Artist. Activist. Conscious.” 

No wonder that her musical lyrics are more meaningful and purposeful than ever.

Most wouldn’t believe we’re living in an era where @katyperry’s disco pop jams double as critically relevant political discourse.

Don’t live in the bubble anymore. Dive deeper to this song by watching the lyric video. 😉❤ 




For a long time, I recognized myself as an introvert. I have a very chaotic world inside of my head. I don’t usually talk much and I feel like 

I am more a listener.

 At times, I am not sad, depressed or antisocial. I’m just exploring my thoughts when I’m quiet. Even though I’m usually quiet, I have a circle of friends that I spend memorable and fun memories too. Even if I enjoy being alone, 

I sincerely enjoy being with them and appreciate it.

One time, I’ve read an article about signs that you’re in between an introvert or extrovert. 

I was shock to know that there’s something in between it and surprisingly, it clearly describes how I act and feel accurately. 

So let me share these signs that I relate to. 

  1. If I am out in the world, I’m probably not going to be starting conversations with strangers.
  2. I’m always happy to meet new people but I’ll probably be uncomfortable if I have to do it without any of my existing friends with me.
  3. When a topic of interest comes up in a conversation, I’m more than happy to talk in great detail about it but as soon as I finished talking, I’ll happily sit listening to the conversation without saying another word.
  4. Spending too much time with other people can exhaust me.
  5. I can often go out and have hours of fun but suddenly gets tired and just want to go home immediately.
  6. I have a tendency to balance out whoever I am with. If you’re someone loud, I’ll be quieter. If they’re quite, I’ll compensate for that.

However, half of me still feels I am more an introvert until now since I actually believe I am for a long span of time.

Beyond The Archetype

I am one of the first batch of Senior High School in the country and one of those whom the government believes to be a catalyst of change and innovation towards an ideal system.

As part of it, I must stay conscious through the madness and chaos around me, consider it as a motivation for the future.

“Strive to make this new curriculum worth the change then go beyond the archetype.”

– @DRGJardin
11th Grader

Teach Me by R.A. Nelson (Reflection)


The reader does not actually read novels but she is interested to try it because she is aware that it will benefit her in terms of the knowledge with vocabulary as she discovers new words as well. The critic activity gave her an opportunity to engage more on reading on purpose for it is required. Indeed, it was just her second time to finish a novel.


The reader was filled with satisfaction after finishing the novel. She finds the story really interesting even if at the very start, she is actually against with the fact of the student-teacher relationship. She can’t deny that even her, experienced to be amazed and stunned by a teacher but nothing more. In the first place, she dislikes Nine when she started to be obsessed about Mr. Mann. The reader also appreciates Schuyler more than Mr. Mann who has an annoying attitude of being coward. For her, Schuyler and Nine deserves each other more than anyone else does.


As the narrative continues, the reader begins to understand Carolina’s side and takes pity on her who supposed to be smart enough to throw out obscure reasons yet too naive to see that she is the one being victimize. The love of Carolina is so intense that Mr. Mann becomes her world so when she lose him, she lose her whole world as well.

“Why do people need other people so much? Why can’t we just do our work and go home? Why do we have to talk and touch and dream together?”

“My head is totally gone; there is nothing left but my heart.”

At last, the reader likes how the ending allows Mr. Mann to be heroic when he rescued Schuyler and Nine at the accident. It gave him a chance to penalize his own character in the eyes of the reader after he dragged Nine into chaos. She was taught how Nine managed to overcome the heart break that happened in her life.

If readers can handle dark, taboo tales of romance-gone-wrong, the novel “Teach Me” would not fail them to bring a cautionary, juicy and preachy narrative jam-packed.

Creative Journaling Hobby

“Journaling is like whispering to one’s self and listening at the same time.”

I am fond of journaling. Most people would say that a person who journalize their lives have a suicidal tendency and it’s their way of expressing their problems. But really? As for myself I don’t have any idea of ending my own life. Never would I have. It’s just really satisfying for me to consume the pages of my journal and remember my memories even the smallest things that happened to me each day of my life.

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.

Since grade 9, I started to journalize in a beginner way. My sister had an extra planner for 2015 so she gave it to me. A planner should contain plans but as for a junior high student back then, I don’t have any plans beyond school stuffs everyday. So what I did write in there are school works to do as expectations and after the day, I wrote the things that really happened. It’s actually just a mini planner so the length of my notes in there are similar to tweets. At the middle of 2015, I’ve seen more ideas on Pinterest about journaling. Right then, I discover the creative way of journaling which I like the most. August that same year, I bought a moleskine type of journal notebook without lines with a peach brown color. Since then, I started to try it and it’s fun for me.

I really love art and writing my thoughts of the day and random things that happened to me. Year 2016, I was more inspired when I’ve seen the works of Abbey Sy. An artist and author. Her calligraphy and journal works are fantastic!! I found out more artistic ways to do do on journals! Watercolors, washi tapes, colorful pens, pictures, and stickers!! So before 2016 ends, I tried adding all that with some quotes that I liked from stories I’ve read.

For 2017, here’s a peek of my new journal and stuffs that I’m using.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Check this link if  you want to see my 2016 journal flip through.



I killed her (declamation piece)

I think there’s still behind this piece of declamation that is not yet revealed. It’s just that why would Dr. Reyes still be asking the forgiveness of God if she really fills that syringe with just a distilled water.

Okay, Think Positive! I’ll be using this piece the following days for our final performance in the final grading. WHOO. Stay tuned! I’ll be sharing what happen after that.

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